Diego Chowell

Diego Chowell received his B.S. in Mathematics from University of Colima, in Mexico, in 2009.  In 2010, he obtained a Masters Degree in Numerical Bifurcation Analysis of Dynamical Systems from the Mathematical Research Institute, at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. Afterwards, he returned to Mexico where he worked in academia teaching mathematics, statistics, and operations research. He is currently a graduate student in the program of Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences at Arizona State University, where he is a graduate research assistant at the Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center and the Biodesign Institute, in the Center for Personalized Diagnostics.

During several summers, Mr. Chowell has served as a research assistant and mentor in the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute. In the 2013 Spring Semester, he was a visiting graduate student in the Wireless Communication and Network Sciences Laboratory (WINS Lab) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His research interests are interdisciplinary and lie at the intersection of mathematical, statistical and computational modeling, evolutionary biology, and cancer. He is especially interested in problems that are medically relevant in the field of cancer.